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Suikakeibo hits 250.000 downloads and celebrates the launch of iOS version

Suikakeibo just reached two major milestones:

The Android version of Suikakeibo just reached 250.000 Downloads from the Google Play Store! Thank you all for being part of this journey - whether you have used Suikakeibo to check balance and history of your Suica/PASMO card, or as a ledger for housekeeping while living in Japan we appreciate you all!

And now for another huge step: The first iOS version of Suikakeibo just launched recently!. It currently does not cover all the features of the Android app, so we look forward to bring the full Suikakeibo experience to iOS soon too. All tied together in a fresh look we will strive to bring to Android down the road!

Our present to our loyal users

All ad free upgrades are available at reduced cost in the month of April!

Now with these milestones achieved, we would like to reach out to our users to see what can be improved!