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Is my device supported?

This app is build to run on NFC-enabled Android devices starting with Android 4 (Jelly Bean) and upwards.

Which cards can be scanned?

Suikakeibo is being developed for the Japanese market and therefore the following IC cards are currently supported:

Well testedShould workNot working / Untested
Suica, PASMO, Kitaca, SAPICA, SUGOCA, Icoca, hayakaken, nimoca, toiCa, icsca, IruCa, Paspy, kumamonのICCard

waon, nanaco, edy
manaca, PiTaPaecomyca, ですか, Hareca, Tsukica

Why 'remember' cards?

Cards you scanned can be remembered to save their history and enable statistics. You should remember cards, which you own yourself and actively want to track expenses for.

Remembered cards have the following features:

  • the card’s data will be saved on your device
  • you can name the card and decide on a personal design
  • if you scan the card again, new trips will be added to the history
  • you can see statistics for this card
  • you can always see the recent history and statistics, without scanning the card again
  • you can get a monthly notification about your expenses
  • they can be added as widgets to always give you quick access to your current balance
If you want to only scan the card of a friend, you can do so and view the recent 20 trips. The history of their card will not be remembered, and therefore not clutter up your own data. Since no data will be remembered, the features mentioned above cannot be used with cards not remembered.

Why do I need to scan my card again and again to update the data?

Your card only holds information of the recent 20 trips. By scanning it with Suikakeibo, you can save the data to your phone and can keep a full history. Due to privacy reasons it is not possible for my app to access data without scanning a card, so you will have to read your IC Card from time to time to have most recent data.

Why do some of my trips not show up when I am using my commuter pass?

One limitation of most Japanese IC cards is that when using a commuter pass, no public records will be written for the stations covered by the pass. Thus, Suikakeibo can only read your trips and shopping expenses not covered by a commuter pass.

Why do my bus trips only show one station?

When using your IC Card in a bus, the system will only save the station you entered on your card. Upon leaving the bus the fare is deducted, but no exit station information is written to the card.

How can I track company expenses?

Suikakeibo helps you to get reimbursed for your company expenses without the hassle.

  1. Scan your card with Suikakeibo every other day.
  2. After scanning, mark company expenses with just two taps.
  3. When it's time for the report, export all the company expenses for the month.
  4. Using 'share after export', you can send the report right from your phone.

What are the widgets?

The widgets provided with the app can be installed on your homescreen, where they show you the current balance of a selected card.

Which permissions does the app request and why?

The app uses the following Android permissions:

Feature / FunctionPermissions
Display help, News and Ads
Scan IC cards
Scan feedback
Reminders / Notifications